Virtual Convention Event Name Date/Time Game Notes for Players
Dzz9Lvbkk1NhIuK3QyCiU6.png?height=99&scale=both&mode=crop ETTIN CON BANDITS!12 O'CLOCK HIGH! Fri, 17 Jul 5:30p PDT (00:30Z) DIF link2eventsignup / questions? / link2game
z3iyTRhy0FfI1hKW9lpUWL.png?height=99&scale=both&mode=crop GENCON Let's Play SLAPSHOT! Fri, 31 Jul 3p EDT (19:00Z) Slapshot! link2eventsignup questions? PM me
Dzz9Lvbkk1NhIuK3QyCiU6.png?height=99&scale=both&mode=crop GENCON Learn to Play DIF Sat, 1 Aug 3p EDT (19:00Z) DIF link2eventsignup questions? PM me
GXVJi9jfEyY63AcUwP0442.png?height=99&scale=both&mode=crop GENCON Learn to Play TANK DUEL Sun, 2 Aug 5p EDT (21:00Z) Tank Duel link2eventsignup questions? PM me